We are a well established lighting manufacturer dating back to 1977 and have spent over 35 years building a reputation; beyond reproach; in the manufacture of bespoke products. Constantly leading the way in producing products of the highest intelligence and efficiency, for the ever-evolving lighting industry. With many of our products now patented, we strive to specialise in providing high quality lighting solutions that excel in innovation, design and competitiveness, thus making us recipients of several credible design awards.

With this latest instalment (edition 32 catalogue) we are proud to present a range of products that are exciting and different but still offer a commodity option to every lighting scheme. Our dedicated team of long serving, passionate individuals have worked tirelessly to produce a range of fittings that will refresh the Taison brand throughout the UK. Alongside our growing number of Export Partners, we aim to share our successful product ranges to the wider market, enhancing the Taison brand on a global scale.

We hereby are extremely pleased to offer to you our products, which encompass the lighting industry through ingenuity and innovation. We hope you are as enthused about these products as we are.

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Made in the UK | Lighting Design Awards 2011

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